Bioluminescent Portal Bookshelf

The Portal turns on its light to locate the intended person in this dark world. It is a sort of “searchlight” beaming, visible only for those alert enough to see it. There are several beings that create their own light often in environments where there is no other source of light. This phenomenon has different purposes, some of which are not fully understood. I understand fireflies attracting mates, or mushrooms spreading spores in a luminous way to attract pollinators, however my experience with bioluminescence differs.

My experience was that of transformation of my human body into a bioluminescent being.  A feeling of strength that transformed my delicate skin into an armor able to withstand different pressures.  I remember a feeling of connectivity to my own being and its current existence in another dimension.  A sort of duality of living my life in this world we all know, and simultaneously living another life as a different being entirely.

Thomas R. Lancaster III


  • 4’H x 4’W Concrete bookshelf with Mahogany shelves and integrated LED lighting.
  • Approximately 200lbs
  • Mahogany shelves are removable
  • Edge reveal around bottom