Commercial Concrete Furniture – Concrete Structural Art – Marfa, Texas

This is the second commercial piece we were commissioned to create for Marfa Contemporary.  They were wanting to install by Chinati weekend, which is a contemporary art museum based upon the ideas of its founder, Donald Judd.  The design for this commercial concrete furniture piece is from Elliot & Associates Architectural Firm out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Elliot Rand is a great guy and a talented architect.  We enjoyed collaborating with him on this piece.  I hope to work with more architects of his caliber in the future.  Marfa really needed such an eye catching piece like this at their intersection.  The overall feel of West Texas can be isolated and run down, so it felt great to be a part of a beautification process.

If you get a chance, stop by this wonderful building known outside by their sign as Marfa Contemporary.  Place an order at Pizza Foundation, walk around the back to view the gallery while your pizza cooks.  If needed there is also a rental car company next to the gallery that offers an inventory of time cars, to get you around West Texas.

Special thanks to the owner Chris Casi and architect Rand Elliot for involving us in your vision for Marfa Contemporary.